Mushroom Parfait

Mushroom Parfait

Serves 8-10


This smooth, rich, hit of mushroom benefits from careful temperature management, especially for the beurre noisette that adds a lot of extra flavour to the dish, so have the 5-in-1 Digital Cooking Thermometer to hand for fast and accurate readings.


For the alcohol reduction
150g Ruby port
250g Madeira
75g white port
50g brandy
100g shallots, peeled and finely sliced
1 clove garlic, peeled and finely sliced
10g thyme sprigs, tied in muslin

For the beurre noisette
125g unsalted butter, cubed

For the mushroom parfait
50g grapeseed oil
200g chestnut mushrooms, finely chopped
700g button mushrooms, finely chopped
20g lemon juice
1 Tbsp salt
25g Worcestershire sauce
20g malt extract
2 tsp white truffle oil
250g smoked silken tofu
reserved beurre noisette

For the pickled mushrooms
55g rice vinegar
20g dark soy
20g white caster sugar
½ tsp salt
300g baby button mushrooms, washed

To serve
reserved mushroom parfait
8-10 slices sourdough, toasted to serve
reserved pickled mushrooms
crispy shallots, to serve
chervil leaves
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Combine the ingredients for the alcohol infusion in a bowl. Cover and leave for 12 hours. Place the contents in a pan and cook over moderate heat until reduced to a glaze. Remove and discard the thyme and set aside.

To make the buerre noisette, melt the butter over low heat in a pan. Once melted, increase the heat to moderate and cook to 180°C until browned. Remove from the heat and allow to cool to 50°C. Pass through a fine mesh sieve, lined with a double layer of muslin and set aside until needed.

To cook the parfait, preheat a water bath to 55°C and the oven to 100°C. Heat 25g grapeseed oil in a pan and gently cook the mushrooms over a moderate heat until reduced to 450g. Remove from the heat and deglaze the pan with the lemon juice. Add the salt, Worcestershire sauce, malt extract and white truffle oil. Allow to cool, then seal in a sous-vide bag under full pressure. Combine the cooled alcohol reduction with the tofu and seal in a second sous-vide bag under full pressure. Add the beurre noisette and the remaining grapeseed oil in a third sous-vide bag and seal under full pressure. Place all three bags in the water bath to temper for 15 minutes. Open the bags and blitz the mushrooms and tofu mixtures together until smooth. Slowly add the beurre noisette and oil mixture and continue to blitz until fully emulsified.

Transfer the mixture into a Thermomix and blitz for 3 minutes at 60°C. Pass the mixture through a double layer of muslin and pour into a warm terrine. Cover the terrine tightly with aluminium foil and place into a deep roasting tray. Pour boiling hot water into the tray until it reaches two-thirds of the way up the side of the terrine. Cover the tray with foil and place in the oven. Use a thermometer probe to check the centre of the parfait, removing the tray from the oven once the temperature reaches 65°C. Carefully take the terrine out of the water and leave to cool for 30 minutes at room temperature with a layer of parchment covering the surface of the parfait. Fill the roasting tray with cold water and place the terrine in the tray for 30 minutes. Once cooled, place into the fridge overnight.

For the pickled mushrooms, place the vinegar and dark soy into a pan along with 175g water. Heat gently and add the sugar and salt, stirring until completely dissolved. Remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool completely. Place the button mushrooms into the cooled pickling liquid. Cover and set aside for at least 2 hours.

To serve, spread the parfait onto toasted slices of sourdough and top with pickled, drained mushrooms and a pinch of crispy shallots. Garnish with chervil leaves and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.