Ultimate Crackling

How to achieve the Ultimate Crackling

The key to achieve the perfect crackling is a combination of equally important factors.

Firstly, the skin of the suckling pig should be scored which helps rendering the fat when cooking. Be careful not to score too deep.

Rock salt should be rubbed all over the skin and the pig placed in the fridge overnight as salting helps to denature and dry out the skin.

When cooking the suckling pig, one should be mindful of what is happening. Firstly, the process of cooking breaks down the collagen in the skin to gelatine. It also dehydrates the skin allowing it to crisp later.

Once the meat is sufficiently cooked, the temperature of the oven or BBQ should be increased as high as possible to heat the skin without burning it. This causes the remaining moisture in the skin to evaporate. This process expands the skin to form a foamy light crackling.